Climate Action and Protecting our Environment

If elected to the European Parliament, I will work and campaign for a sustainable Europe that prioritises environmental protection and climate action.

My Policy Proposals

  • Hold both the Irish Government and European institutions accountable for their role in delivering commitments on climate change in the Paris Agreement and EU 2030
  • An “EU Just Transition Fund” to address climate change in a manner that doesn’t punish families, working people and small businesses.
  • Introduce meaningful ways to engage young people on climate action.  I will support local and regional citizens assemblies and youth assemblies on climate action in partnership with local youth/community/environmental groups.
  • The introduction of a Bottle Return Deposit Scheme which would encourage consumers to recycle plastic.
  • Expand local initiatives including bike share across the region.  It is vital we work closely with local communities to empower them to take local action.


  • Climate change and environmental protection is the most important issue for the coming decade
  • The decisions we make now (or the decisions we fail to make) will impact on our children and young people and the world we leave to them
  • Positive change can only occur when countries work together – withdrawing behind our borders and turning away from the EU project is the worst decision we can make in relation to tackling climate change
  • We must ensure a just transition to the post carbon economy, those with most and those who pollute the most should shoulder the burden, citizens and workers on low and middle incomes must be supported
  • We must better enable citizens, in particular young people to channel their enthusiasm, energy and ideas into decisions and actions at local, national and European level to positively address climate change


Real change can come from four core pillars:

  • Detailed plans of action, with target dates and political accountability to ensure Implementation of our international commitments under the Paris Climate Change Agreement, EU 2020 and EU 2030 in Ireland and across Europe
  • Actions and measures to ensure a “Just Transition”, to support those on low incomes and workers in vulnerable sectors to make the transition to a post carbon economy. Excellent report here by SIPTU
  • Giving citizens, in particular young people a real say in climate and environmental policy.
  • Support and invest in schemes and measures to facilitate and support citizens to contribute to directly support climate action
    • Bottle Bank Scheme
    • Local and Regional Bike share schemes