Dominic's Policy Priorities

Climate action and protecting our environment

climate action adEuropean and local initiatives are urgently need to turn the tide on climate change.  Among Dominic’s priorities are:

  • Full implementation of the Paris Agreement.
  • Making the voice of youth heard on climate action.
  • A Just Transition Fund, paid for by corporations.
  • Local initiatives including a Bottle Return Deposit Scheme and bike share schemes.

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How we live and work

57092789_2315608568477454_38346846703190016_oAs a TD, Dominic worked hard to increase the minimum wage, enhance trade union rights and ensure the lowest paid got a better deal.  Dominic wants to continue this progressive agenda in Europe.  Among his priorities are:

  • Better work/life balance for all, including flexible work arrangements.
  • A parental leave directive to enhance the rights of young families.
  • Enable people to access the pensions they earned while working in other EU countries.
  • Enhancing citizens’ rights in relation to new workplace challenges such as data privacy.

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Valuing our towns

DSC_0103.JPGDominic has established a small business and knows the challenges that our towns andvillages face in creating jobs and maintaining vital services.  Among his priorities are:

  • A ‘Flourishing Town Fund’ to support initiatives by local communities.
  • Enhanced funding from Europe to improve transport in our towns.
  • Free public WiFi in all towns.

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DSC_9804.JPGThe Tory Brexit shambles presents very real threats to our economy and our open trading relationship.  Just as important, it could have devastating consequences for communities along on the border. 

In the worst case scenario it could threaten the fragile peace so vital to all our interests.

Among Dominic's priorities are:

  • Maintain the diplomatic campaign to ensure that the ‘backstop’ to prevent a hard border remains central to EU policy.
  • A well-resourced fund to offset the negative effects of Brexit, particularly on border communities.
  • Guarantee the rights of all Irish citizens on the island of Ireland.