Hannigan calls Casey Ireland’s “Tinpot Trump”

Issued : Saturday 11 May, 2019

- Hannigan accuses Peter Casey of stoking fears on immigration to get votes -

Peter Casey has turned into Ireland’s version of Donald Trump and is whipping up irrational and unfounded fears that only serve to isolate minority groups. That’s according to Dominic Hannigan, the Labour Party’s European elections candidate in the Midlands North West, responding to Mr. Casey’s recent comments on immigration.

Responding today (11.05.2019), Mr Hannigan said: “Mr Casey’s belief that Ireland should close its borders and not accept any immigrants or people from abroad is absolutely despicable. This type of fear mongering is straight from Trump’s bag of tricks and shouldn’t be tolerated.

“At a time when European unity is under threat, and there has been a global rise in far-right extremism, Ireland needs representatives in the European Parliament who reflect the open and tolerant views of the overwhelming majority of our citizens. In recent decades, communities here at home have also benefited from increased diversity and interculturalism.

“There is no place in Ireland for Casey’s type of rhetoric.”