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I believe in public service. I’ve been proud to help build a more equal, tolerant, vibrant Ireland as a volunteer and through my service in the Oireachtas. I want to bring that experience and commitment to work on your behalf in the European Parliament.

Europe is part of our future. We need to elect MEPs who will ensure that Europe delivers for our constituency.

For me, that means investing in balanced regional development and building a future where workers have good jobs, with fair conditions and decent wages. It also means working together with our European partners to tackle urgent issues such as climate change.

You can find out more about my policy policies here.

If you believe in a progressive, positive Europe please take a minute to sign up to support my campaign.

This election is vital for all our futures. I am asking for your No. 1 vote on Friday 24th May.

Dominic Hannigan
Labour Euro Candidate for Midlands North West